Monday, November 9, 2015

Kimmel & Tough Guise 2

I see the similarities in both the article and film. I can see that they both seem to focus on the ways men misinterpret growing up. How society basically shields their growth process, and turns them into undeveloped, bad men.

I noticed that Kimmel's article seemed to focus more on the ways men can develop and have developed in society for the better. I read that men basically need feminism to develop correctly. I truly believe this. Men need feminism to understand the day to day struggles of women and to do their part to stop the madness.

"Therapists advise anguished parents about boys' fragility...Boys, we read, are depressed, suicidal, emotionally shut down."
This quote directly goes with the film because of how boys act. When undeveloped, boys tend to act like a total nutcase. I mean lets be honest, when a boy is not brought up on good, solid morals, does he usually turn out okay? The answer is no.

"To hear these critics tell it, we're no longer allowing boys to be boys. We've misunderstood boy biology, and cultural meddling--especially by misinformed women--won't change a thing."
This goes with the film because the film depicts bad boys. Boys that are misunderstood. Boys that misunderstand life; that were taught the wrong way. And truly they aren't allowed to be real boys because they don't know how to be.

"Feminism encourages men--and their sons--to be more emotionally open and expressive, to develop empathic skills, and to channel emotional outbursts away from violence."
This goes with the film because it basically a guideline to become a better man. If the boys in the film were taught that feminism causes a man to be less violence and more open with their emotions, they would not have done the things they did.

I think that this movie really connects to this website called This website basically features fights (mostly men). I will post the website showing you what its about; however, view at your own risk...

Anyway, I feel that this connects to the movie because the guys fighting are fight to see who is alpha. They can get seriously violent at times too. I feel like this is blinding the younger men of today because they see these videos and they think that in order to be a alpha male, one would need to destroy another person. This is not right. It ruining the minds of young men. Is that what they are going to think manhood is? I really hope not.

Hopefully one day the morals of men will change. What are your taught on this subject matter? Do you think that if men were brought up through feminism that they would be a more caring, loving, and open man?


  1. The picture you utilized in your blog has such power. It shows that boys are supposed to "look" tuff and show no emotion. Keep your arms crossed and have a concentrated grin. This boy is mostly likely no older than 10 years old. It is wrong because boys should feel comfortable in their skin, to feel good when they may be upset or any other emotion that is considered "girly."

  2. I am not sure that feminism in and of itself causes men to be more open, genuine and caring. I think it depends more on the type of people someone is surrounded by and nurtured by. There are feminists who get so wrapped up in their own agenda that they are unable to honor the masculine in young boys and men, from what I have seen, this cant often cause polarization.