Sunday, November 15, 2015

Ferguson’s Sex Wars

I was a little confused as to what information was being presented to me. I knew about all these weird sex practices, I just never really thought anything of them.

However, after reading this article I started to think: "Is this really how it is?"

Anyway, I really like how Ferguson broke down the two feminist groups. I got that basically in a radical feminist point of view that women are sex slaves and are prone to sexual male violence. Also, I got that in order to be in a good relationship, the two partners have to be equally consenting and emotionally involved. Continued, to have sexual freedom each partner has to have equal respect for each other.

The libertarian-feminist point of view is different. This is give complete freedom to each consenting partner. The sexual practice is base off of what they want in that moment. It basically says to eliminate all moral judgements and restrictions to create an equal environment for all.

I got that radical feminists value the emotion intimacy more than that of libertarian feminist who value pleasure.

Personally, I agree with radical feminists because I believe that there is more to a relationship then just the physical part. However, that isn't to say that physical attraction isn't a big part of a relationship. Basically, to me there needs to be a balance between the two.

What are your views on the bond between partners? What would you consider yourself a feminist point of view?


  1. Kyle,
    I think that you absorbed more meaning of the text than you think. You clearly defined the two definitions of feminism. The picture you added at the end of your blog is very straight to the point which adds to your blog.

  2. You did a good job describing the two sides. The only thing is that libertarian feminists aren't just about all sex all the time, they just believe that if a woman wants to be sexually active, that's fine. If they want to be abstinent, that's fine too. They just believe the woman should have control over her own sexuality.

  3. I'm with you on this one Kyle, it is important to have a balance between physical attraction and emotional intimacy. Relationships are so much more than just sex. Good point Matthew, there is often a double standard, it is socially acceptable for men to be abstinent or sexually abstinent, but not as accepted for women.