Sunday, November 1, 2015

Cinderella Ate My Daughter

By Peggy Orenstein

Why is it that girls go through the "princess stage?" This actually goes back to the idea of Generation M. The film shows us how the media and entertainment is affecting childrens' minds. This is exactly what is happening to these young girls. Most girls go through that stage where they want to be what they see. If you were to go to Disney World, I guessing that more than half of the little girls there would be in a princess costume (most likely Anna from Frozen). I mean if I was little girl that's who I would want to be. Also, this goes with Tough Guise 2 as well. I know that that movie is about boys but it still is on the same idea. The idea that child are growing up learning the wrong things through people and things in the world.

The children of our society are getting brainwashed by advertisements and adults.

Anyway, my point is that almost all girls go through that stage where they want to be what they look up to. And to be honest, I think that just part of life. If I had a daughter and she want to be a princess, I would let her be one.

Also I forgot to say something about this. Pink. Why do little girls like the color pink so much? Because older people have said that pink is a girl color, either by getting them things that are pink or just by telling them that they should get pink instead of blue. A color is just a color people.

What do you guys think about what I think? What's your opinions on this situation?

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